Riihimäki Pharmacy 2022

Implementation Tuusmet Oy

Interior Design Jukka Jokinen & Heikki Konu

Riihimäki’s pharmacy was designed with a soothing space plan for functionality and general appearance. At the same time, a BD Rowa storage and dispensing robot was acquired to enhance the pharmacy’s operations and customer service. An essential part of the design work was the planning of the different phases of the renovation, so that the pharmacy can operate without interruption during the renovation work.

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Storage and dispensing robot

The storage machine installed in the pharmacy facilitates and enhances the pharmacy’s everyday operations. It takes care of the shelving and collection of prescription drugs coming from wholesale. The robot was covered with acoustic wood panels, which improve the comfort of the space and protect the privacy of the customers.

The unloading of the incoming medicine has become much easier, the wholesale boxes are taken to the robot in the space assigned to them and unloaded into the robot, which automatically sorts them into the warehouse. Empty boxes are conveniently picked up from the designated place next to the door.

© BD Rowa

“A really great result! The space is more comfortable and much clearer, the wooden acoustic panels are a great thing. The renovation went really well, the pharmacy was running all the time. Different stages were well planned in advance, there were no unpleasant surprises.”

Kirsi Pietilä, Apothecary 


Starting point

Before the renovations, Riihimäki’s pharmacy did not have a storage and dispensing machine, but prescription drugs were stored in medicine drawers. The overall look was noisy and we wanted to change it to a harmonious and clear one.

Before the renovation

Interior Design

During the interior design process, several options for spatial solutions were presented to the customer with the help of visual images and layout plans. Two of the prescription points were completely renewed to be adjustable in height. Other prescription points were modified to fit the new interior using acoustic materials.

Renovation plans 

We planned the implementation of the renovation step by step. The pharmacy remained in operation throughout the renovation. For this reason, the precise planning and visual representation of each stage of the renovation was crucial. The pharmacy staff also got to use these visualizations, so the effects of the renovation on the pharmacy’s operations were kept to a minimum.

I was surprised how easily the renovation was executed, the pharmacy was open all the time. The cooperation between the operators was seamless. I couldn’t believe that everything went completely without problems”

Head Pharmacist 

The Outcome 

The renovation was carried out by our trusted partner Tuusmet according to the plans. Customers have commented that the space feels more spacious, it seems as if more space has been added.