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Jukka Jokinen and Heikki Konu are internationally awarded industrial designers. They both have Master’s degrees from Aalto University’s School of Arts, Design and Architecture. The Helsinki based design duo is focused on product, interior and furniture design. They are characterized by a versatile knowledge of materials, from glass to wood and other materials. Jokinen and Konu have been nominated for the Formex Nova Nordic Designer of the Year 2020 Award. 

You can get to know our high-quality expertise and realized cooperation on the front page and in social media. You can also easily and reliably order our unique products from our own online store. If you want to know more, contact us and we will tell you more about our expertise and we will be happy to hear more about your wishes.



  Our products and services combine design, quality and functionality. 

  When you invest in design, your product stands out in the competition. 

  We offer you our expertise, which has been awarded in numerous design competitions.

  Every customer is equally important to us.



  Buying quality design work is not necessarily expensive.

  You can also buy our expert services with Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher. 

  We have strong international experience, we know the industry in Finland and abroad. 

  Knowing and doing in the creative field is our passion, and it shows in the work quality!



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Progressive thinking

We have a smart minimalistic approach to design. The outcome of the design process is characterized by functional properties and aesthetic beauty. Questioning the obvious is one of our key principles: we like to strip the challenge down to the bone. Every product or solution is based on design thinking. A new concept should not be taken for granted, but includes an extensive idea. Good design is timeless, appropriate and ecological.

Production-based creation

It is crucial to take the production method, materials and resources into consideration right from the start of the design process. We want to find innovative ways to adjust production to achieve a high standard end result. Understanding the possibilities and limits of different production methods and making the best use of available practices is in the core of our work. We like to head for scalable design by for example modular and product family thinking.


We are a cleverly sized company with energetic young designers aiming for fresh design. We aim for honest, dynamic and direct interaction with clients. We want to create customized solutions according to the customer’s desire. Success in design competitions and international acknowledgements confirm that our design approach and work is characterized by distinctive quality.

Holistic design

We like to consider design challenges in a wider perspective, as part of different scales of build environment and human life. We aim to create lasting design in terms of physical properties and aesthetics. Making use of the obtainable resources and respect for genuine materials is important to us. We want to offer a comprehensive service – concept, space, product, graphics, visuals – to our client. 

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“The designers quickly understood the possibilities and limitations of Anttiina’s production methods. This beautiful table set was successfully launched on a fast schedule”

Antti Myllyniemi, CEO Anttiina Oy

“I am extremely happy with the collaboration with Jokinen Konu Design. They understood our need and implemented it very well into a functional product”
Juho Kahra, CEO Sähköpyöräkeskus

“A really great result! The space is more comfortable and much clearer, the wooden acoustic panels are a great thing. The renovation went really well, the pharmacy was running all the time. Different stages were well planned in advance, there were no unpleasant surprises.”

Kirsi Pietilä, Apothecary 

“I was surprised how easy and effortless the cooperation with Jokinen Konu Design was. We got exactly the product in our selection that we hoped for.”

Jarmo Honkanen, CEO Finsoffat