LAKEA dining set

Production Anttiina Oy

Design Jukka Jokinen & Heikki Konu

Lakea is an oak dining set manufactured by Anttiina Oy. It is aesthetically light but a high quality and sturdy structure. The set consists of a dining table and bench. The natural oak material ages beautifully and the timeless design ensures that Lakea becomes a lifelong partner.

Lakea dining table comes in two sizes, for 4 and 6 persons. Anttiina is a Finnish furniture company known for its skilled craftsmanship and high quality materials. The oak table is 100% made in Kauhajoki, Finland.

“The designers quickly understood the possibilities and limitations of Anttiina’s production methods. This beautiful table set was successfully launched on a fast schedule”

Antti Myllyniemi, CEO Anttiina Oy




We begin the design process by studying the market situation of the product under design. This comparison helps to understand the competitive situation of the product and helps to delimit the features of the concept.

Ideation and sketching

After the market research, the ideation and sketching phase begins. The sketching is usually done by hand. We like to consider many options and make a lot of drawings first and then narrow down the options to find the best idea concept.

3D modeling

We have excellent knowledge of the use of modeling programs and product drawings are created with the help of editable 3D models. In 3D modeling, the shapes and exact details of products, different components and materials can be precisely defined.

3D printing

We use our own 3D printer to create models of product concepts. This benefits the design work and can be used to show how the dimensions and other features of the product actually look like.

Image rendering

Before a product really exists, we can create rendered images by 3D modeling and rendering the product concept. This way the customer can see how the finished product would look before the first prototype is created. Can you see the difference between a real and a computer image?

Render vs. real


Lakea dining table is manufactured in the Anttiina factory in Kauhajoki, Finland. The table is available in Isku stores.