FLIP electric scooter 

Dubai Design Week 2018 10 most fascinating graduate projects by Designboom

Helsinki Design Week 2019 Designs for a Cooler Planet Exhibition

Design Jukka Jokinen


FLIP is a minimalistic foldable electric scooter. The scooter folds simply by flipping the steering bar 180° and tilting it down. FLIP is designed for urban citizens who appreciate design with simple aesthetics and understandable functions. 

The asymmetric folding system allows the two main frames to be almost identical. The round plates around the hinges prevent the stem from folding down while driving. The wooden board and the handlebars have also hinges so the scooter folds in a very compact size. 


Flip electric scooter was presented in the Global Grad Show in Dubai. The project got selected among the ten most fascinating graduate projects from Dubai Design Week by Designboom.