MEDI public space chair

Production Audio-Kaluste Oy

Design Jukka Jokinen & Heikki Konu

Medi is a clear-cut and  wall-mounted public space chair. The seat of the chair flips up, which saves space, making it easier for people to move through the space and makes maintenance and cleaning the space easier. Due to its graphic design language, the Medi chair creates clarity and harmony in the waiting area.

Taidehalli Helsinki

The style and materials of the chair can be customized according to the space. You can choose it in different colors with or without upholstery. The chair is also available in a version with armrests. 



The customer wanted a new kind of wall-mounted chair suitable for public spaces, with a seat part which turns up. The design had to take into account suitability for different spaces as well as clarity and ease of installation.


We begin the design process by studying the market situation of the product under design. This comparison helps to understand the competitive situation of the product and helps to delimit the features of the concept.

Ideation and sketching

After the market research, the ideation and sketching phase begins. The sketching is usually done by hand. We like to consider many options and make a lot of drawings first and then narrow down the options to find the best idea concept.


We have excellent knowledge of the use of modeling programs and product drawings are created with the help of editable 3D models. In 3D modeling, the shapes and exact details of products, different components and materials can be precisely defined.

Image rendering

Before a product really exists, we can create rendered images by 3D modeling and rendering the product concept. This way the customer can see how the finished product would look before the first prototype is created.

Prototype and production

The prototype of the armchair was manufactured at the customer’s factory in Karkkila, Finland. We visited the factory and investigated whether changes need to be made to the plans. In this case, only minor detail refinements needed to be made to the prototype.


“Really good and prompt design work. We are very satisfied with the end result.”

Enni Juhola, Administrative Director Audio-Kaluste Oy