Need help with designing & visualizing a product or service idea?

Get a design service worth 6000 € from us with the help of Business Finland Innovation Voucher.


You can get a design service worth 6000 € from us with the help of Business Finland Innovation Voucher. It is intended for small companies under 5 years old that have a new product or service idea with international potential. The amount of the grant is 4,500 euros and the company’s self-financing portion is 1,500 euros.

With the help of the Innovation Voucher, you can get affordable product development services:

     Sketching and Design

     3D Modeling

     Visualization & Rendering

     Light Prototypes & 3D Prints 

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“I have repeatedly used the services of Jokinen Konu Design. They are a skilled and reliable partner. With the new products designed, we have gained new retailers and customers.”

Antti Myllyniemi, CEO Anttiina Oy

“Very good! It has been easy to work on this project with Jokinen Konu. You have got the hang of it and I have strong trust in you. You have kept me well informed about how the design process is progressing. At no point was there any uncertainty about what would happen next.”

Tiina Roos, CEO Ehea Living


“Really good and prompt design work. We are very satisfied with the end result.”

Enni Juhola, Administrative Director Audio-Kaluste Oy

“I was surprised how easy and effortless the cooperation with Jokinen Konu Design was. We got exactly the product in our selection that we hoped for.”

Jarmo Honkanen, CEO Finsoffat

We offer 3D printing services as part of the design service. You can also contact us if you need help specially with making prototypes or 3D prints.

The amount of the grant is 75% of the value-added tax-free amount of the purchased expert services and max 4,500 euros. The self-financing portion is 25% of the acceptable costs. You can use the funding to buy services from one or several service provider. Your company can get this voucher only once.

The aid is transferred to your company after you have approved and paid for the work performed by the chosen service provider.

Designers Jokinen & Konu



Applying for the service:

  1. Get acquainted with Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher  application process
  2. Free consultation with us. Let’s find out your needs 
  3. We help you to prepare the Innovation Voucher application
  4. Submit the application at the BF Online Service 

When your company can apply for the Innovation Voucher?

When the company has a new product or service idea intended for international markets and:

The Innovation voucher is intended for purchasing expert services from an external service provider to support your company’s innovation activities. Innovation activities refer to measures by which your company develops new products, services and processes, or acquires new knowledge and competences required for these activities as a service. The Innovation voucher can be used to acquire services from companies, universities, universities of applied sciences or research organizations.

What is required of your company?

The company must have been in operation for less than five years before the funding application is submitted. The age is calculated from the date of registration in the Trade Register.

The company is small sized: fewer than 50 employees, and an annual net sales or balance sheet total of up to EUR 10 million.

Your company’s credit rating (Rating Alfa) according to Suomen Asiakastieto is at least A.

Your company is developing a new product or service idea, and plans for its internationalization are already in place (not further development of an existing product).

Please NOTE that the requirement for a full-time entrepreneurship or a full-time employee has been removed.

When not?

Your company is not eligible for an innovation voucher if:

Your company is not in the prepayment register.

Your company’s credit rating (Rating Alfa) according to Suomen Asiakastieto is below A.

Your company has violated its obligation to notify or has tax debts for which a payment plan has not been agreed with the tax authorities, or the plan has not been followed.

Your company is over 5 years old, a medium-sized or large company, a sole trader, a public or non-profit organization, a foundation, an association or an Åland company

Your aim is to get information about new export markets.
The content of external expertise funded by the Innovation voucher is not new compared to your company’s own expertise.

Your company has no plans for internationalization.

Your company operates in an industry that is excluded from de minimis funding (primary agricultural production, fisheries and aquaculture).

Your company’s quota for de minimis funding is exceeded.

Please note that de minimis funding granted for companies belonging to the same group or controlled by the same party is added together.

Your company has already been granted an Innovation voucher by Business Finland (or Tekes).

Your company has received funding from Business Finland in the current or previous year, or a project funded by Business Finland is ongoing in your company, or another application sent by your company to Business Finland is yet to be processed.

Exception to this: Funding decisions, applications or ongoing projects regarding Energy aid, Production Incentive for the Audiovisual Industry financial services Talent Explorer, Group Explorer, and Exhibition Explorer are not an obstacle to applying for an Innovation Voucher. Also, Market Explorer is not an obstacle for an Innovation Voucher if it has been issued in 2022 or earlier.

Your project focuses on examining funding possibilities for your company, product or service or acquiring such funding, or the aim is to map the scene for sponsors, investors and shareholders.

You want to use the Innovation voucher to purchase services from a company associated with your company through ownership, membership of the board of directors or a family relationship, for example.


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