Need help with designing & visualizing a product or service idea?


You can get a design service worth 6200 € from us with your own investment of only 1000 €. Business Finland’s Innovation Voucher is intended for SMEs engaged in well-established business and who have a new product or service idea with international growth potential and for which the company needs external expertise.

With the help of the Innovation Voucher, you can get affordable product development services:


     Sketching and Design

     3D Modeling

     Visualization & Rendering

     Light Prototypes 





We offer 3D printing services as part of the design service. You can also contact us if you need help specially with making prototypes or 3D prints.

The application process for Innovation Voucher is simple and fast. The value of the service purchased with the Innovation Voucher is € 6200 (€ 5000 + VAT). The Innovation Voucher has a 1000 € + VAT self-financing contribution (irrespective of the size of the project), payable directly to the service provider at the end of the project. Once the service provider has received the self-financing contribution and the customer has reported about the project, the service provider can send up to € 4000 + VAT invoice to Business Finland.

Designers Jokinen & Konu



Applying for the service:


  1. Get acquainted with Innovation Voucher 
  2. Contact us 
  3. Free consultation. Let’s find out your needs 
  4. We’ll prepare the Innovation Voucher application for you


When your company can apply for the Innovation Voucher?


When the company has a new product or service idea with international potential, and:

Wishes to quickly assess its suitability for further development, usability or marketability, for example, by means of demos, prototypes and customer testing.

Needs an outside expert opinion, assessment or testing and measurement services.

Needs support for reports and searches related to patents, designs and trademarks, including novelty searches, patentability reports and freedom to operate reviews, or assistance with their application process.

Wishes to utilise the results of science and research in business development.

When not?


Your company is not eligible for an innovation voucher if:

You are a large enterprise, a private trader, a public or non-profit organisation, foundation, association or a company registered in Åland.

Your company has tax liabilities, for which it has not made or adhered to a payment plan

Your Asiakastieto rating Alfa is below A.

It is a case of obtaining information about new export markets. This can be financed with Business Finland’s Explorer funding.

The external expertise has no new content compared to your own expertise.

Your company does not belong to the Prepayment register.

Your company has no plans relating to internationalization.

Your company’s line of business is not eligible for De Minimis funding (primary agricultural production, fishing and aquaculture).

Your company’s business, or a group it belongs to, exceeds the de minimis limits.

Your company has already received Business Finland’s or Tekes’s innovation voucher.

Your company has been awarded Business Finland or Tekes innovation funding during the current or previous year, OR your company is running an innovation project funded by Business Finland OR your company or has filed another application with Business Finland. Decisions, applications, or ongoing projects concerning Energy aid, Explorer product family, Trade fair grant and Production incentive for the audivisual industry are not a barrier to applying for an innovation voucher.

The project is related to the analysis of the funding of a company, product or service, acquisition of such funding or survey of funders, investors and shareholders.

The entrepreneurship is part-time, or the company has no employees. The granting of an innovation voucher requires full-time entrepreneurship for at least three months before applying for the voucher. The innovation voucher may also be issued if the entrepreneurship is part-time but the company has a full-time employee whose employment relationship has been valid for at least three months before applying for the voucher.

You want to buy services from a company in which you have an interest, for example through ownership, board membership or family ties.


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