VLV pendant light

Orno – Light and Form Exhibition 2019

Design Heikki Konu

VLV is a pendant light made of laminated plywood. It is designed for homes and public spaces, functioning best when installed above the table. The VLV pendant highlights objects on the table, while the rest of the space is overshadowed. It includes a reference to the built environment and architecture with its recognizable shape.

©Sanni Siira

The VLV lights can be easily scaled to several different products. Plywood parts of different lengths produced in the same mold can also be utilized in wall, foot and table luminaires. The light source is an LED body light. Laminated plywood parts are made of Finnish birch veneer by gluing and pressing into a mold. The outer layers of three-ply plywood can be made with different types of wood or surface treatments. The prototypes are coated with clear or dyed wood wax. The support frame of the light is made of solid wood.