EcoVillage Exhibition 2018

Helsinki Fashion Week 

Helsinki Design Week

Exhibition Architecture Heikki Konu

© City of Helsinki

The EcoVillage Exhibition, a collaboration between VTT Technological research centre of Finland and Helsinki Fashion Week, presented sustainable materials and products of the future. The exhibition was also implemented as a larger entity during Helsinki Design Week in the same year. The exhibition architecture and construction of the exhibition stands was carried out by Heikki Konu. Anastasia Ivanova created the graphic design and the layout of objects for the exhibition. The exhibition was covered globally in the largest fashion magazines e.g. Vogue, Glamour and Elle, as well as in the Finnish media.


The EcoVillage exhibition architecture and design of the exhibition stands are based on a modular structure. Half-pentagonal exhibition furniture can be arranged in a number of different ways. This allows the exhibition stands to be used both in the middle of the space, against the wall and in a corner, and its shape allows visitors to navigate the space smoothly.

The exhibition consists of modular stands with different uses. The lower furniture is covered with an acrylic dome to prevent damage to fragile exhibits. Various exhibits and material samples can be hung on high, see-through furniture. The bar structure can create overlapping visual compositions in space.


Helsinki Fashion Week was held in the former industrial environment of Laajasalo, in Oil Silo 468. Today, the decommissioned oil silo serves as a light artwork and a venue for events. HFW and the EcoVillage exhibition focus on the circular economy and sustainable values in fashion and in the use of materials. The EcoVillage exhibition presented the possibilities of using biomaterials and featured, among other things, clothes made of recycled fiber and cellulose, as well as other utensils.

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The second EcoVillage exhibition was held in connection with Helsinki Design Week on the newly renovated Metropolia campus in Helsinki Arabia. The same modular exhibition furniture, designed and built by Heikki Konu, were used and arranged in the space to create a new kind of exhibition. The exhibition architecture, also created by Konu, was implemented at the center of the new campus, where new types of material innovations reached a wide audience.