CoolCollect® Indoor Amiral pick-up locker

Customer Coolcenter Forssa Oy

Design Jukka Jokinen & Heikki Konu

CoolCollect® Amiral cold and freezer compartment modules can be used to create a stylish pick-up locker for online shopping. We designed the overall looks and details of the indoor pick-up locker on the terms of easy and clear usability and stylish industrial design. The compartment doors have integrated handles and the indicator light is clearly visible and instructive.

The modules can be placed freely – they can be installed in a straight line, at a corner, on separate walls or as an island with the back walls facing each other. The look of the CoolCollect® pick-up locker can be customized with taping or different frame colors and material choices.

Thinking about usability and details

In addition to the overall stylish appearance, the main focus was on usability and customer guidance in this project. Light guidance, handle design and temperature control have a great impact on the user experience. For example, the integration of the handles into the structure of the door was important to Coolcenter, because this makes the machine significantly more maintenance-free compared to protruding handles.

Guidance with lights

Integrated handle

Temperature control and remote monitoring

“After the successful outdoor locker project, we also wanted to update the look of the indoor locker with our reliable partner Jokinen Konu Design. We received wonderful ‘outside the box’ solutions for light control and other important details, which we wouldn’t have been able to come up with without their help.”

Sauli Hakala, CEO Coolcenter Forssa Oy 



We begin the design process by studying the market situation of the product under design. This comparison helps to understand the competitive situation of the product and helps to delimit the features of the concept.


The sketching is usually done by hand and is based on creative thinking and ideation. We like to consider many options and make a lot of drawings first and then narrow down the options to find the best idea concept.

3D modeling

In 3D modeling, the shapes and exact details of the product can be precisely defined with the help of editable 3D models. We use our own 3D printer to create models of product concepts, which can be used to show how the different features of the product actually look and feel like.

Image rendering

Before a product really exists, we can create rendered images by 3D modeling and rendering the product concept. This way the customer can see how the finished product would look before the first prototype is created.


The CoolCollect® Indoor Amiral pick-up locker is manufactured at CoolCenter’s factory in Forssa, Finland.