Arete Armchair

Production Finsoffat Oy

Design Jukka Jokinen & Heikki Konu

Arete is a sleek upholstered armchair for Scandinavian homes. The chair was made as a customer project for Finsoffat Oy. The chair is based on a pioneering new type of structure, and its sleek design language and great ergonomics guarantee complete relaxation. The chair is available with different textile upholstery and the color of the oak legs can be selected according to the customer’s wishes.

© Finsoffat

“I was surprised how easy and effortless the cooperation with Jokinen Konu Design was. We got exactly the product in our selection that we hoped for.”

Jarmo Honkanen, CEO Finsoffat


Starting point

The assignment was to design a sleek upholstered armchair for Scandinavian city homes. The armchair had to be comfortable and ergonomic. The customer wished that there was no need to use a mold in the production.

Ideation & Sketching

The ideation focused a lot on the structure and manufacturability of the chair. The goal was to find a sensibly and efficiently produced and assembled structure that would enable smooth three-dimensional shapes.

3D modeling

With the help of 3D modeling, a special structure was developed for the chair, where the parts of the armchair frame can be cut ready for assembly with the help of a CNC milling machine.

3D printing

A miniature model of the armchair’s frame was made by 3D printing before the first prototype. This helped in the design of the frame, as important changes to the structure could be made already at this stage.


The first prototype of the armchair was manufactured at the customer’s factory. Together with the customer, it was decided to make small changes that improve ergonomics and style. We can promise that this armchair is really comfortable to sit on!


The Arete armchair is manufactured at the Finsoffat factory in Kerava, Finland. The chair represents Finnish quality craftsmanship and local production at its best.